RYSN Mission and Objectives

Yoga is a powerful force. It holds endless potential to foster mindfulness, peace, and health. The Rochester Yoga Service Network (RYSN) was created in 2014 by a small group of yoga leaders in Rochester, New York with the intention of sharing the practice of yoga with underserved populations in our community. In a spirit of cooperation and community engagement, RYSN provides support to, and unity among, local yoga service providers to create bridges of mutual connection and healing.

Objectives - RYSN aims to:

1) Maintain and share a database of Rochester yoga service providers identified by specialty, expertise, and/or affiliation

2) Facilitate the pairing of yoga teachers and volunteers with individuals and groups in need of yoga service

3) Provide a forum for RYSN members to share best program practices in addition to facilitating and hosting yoga training and professional development for Network members

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hot off the Press: New Yoga Therapy book by Dr. Ellen Horovitz

Please see the flyer linked below for Dr. Ellen Horovitz's new book, Yoga Therapy, coming out this April, since it may be of interest to members of this group. Feel free to pass it along since it has a 20% discount on it for orders!

Yoga Therapy Flyer

October Update and Spring SAVE THE DATE!

Autumnal Greetings, Rochester Yogis!!!

 On behalf of the Rochester Yoga Service Network (RYSN),  a hundred thousand heartfelt "Thanks!" for being a part of this very special group of yogis committed to promoting yoga-for-service in our community.  If not for the interest and support of yogis such as yourself we might still be saying, "Wouldn't it be great if....?!!". 

Alas, due to the collective spark of our combined energies and abundant desire to share the gifts of yoga, our nascent network is coming to fruition as evidenced by the success of the first RYSN Retreat which took place on Sunday, September 28th. Held on the campus of Nazareth College, the retreat included a yoga practice in the Linehan Chapel, led by Lynne Boucher, and a follow-up meeting to discuss the future of RYSN.  During this meeting we were privileged to host guest speaker Lisa Maynard, LMSW, RYT.  Lisa shared her research and professional experience concerning the impact of trauma and overcoming trauma through yoga therapy.  Thank you, Lisa, for your gift of yoga service!

In upcoming news, please save the date for the next RYSN Retreat scheduled for March 15, 2015. This event will include guest speaker Carla Giambrone, MS, e-RYT.  As a writer and yoga educator, Carla weaves her professional knowledge of  trauma sensitivity with informed yoga instruction, creating a yoga practice which both integrates and re-purposes the experience of trauma with a new, healing energy.

Lastly, in an attempt to streamline all future RYSN communication, we are asking current members and interested participants to subscribe to our blog, Rocyogaservice.blogspot.com.  Becoming a subscriber is simple and will ensure you receive all RYSN communication in the form of email as generated by the blog site. Should you have any questions regarding how to subscribe or navigate the blog, contact Jenn Kelly at Jenn.kelly47@gmail.com.

 Again, we thank you for your support of yoga service in Rochester.  Kindly subscribe, engage and stay connected...more seva goodness is sure to come!

Peace, Love, Namaste,

Erin Garvin
Lynne Boucher
Leanne Charlesworth
Jenn Kelly