RYSN Mission and Objectives

Yoga is a powerful force. It holds endless potential to foster mindfulness, peace, and health. The Rochester Yoga Service Network (RYSN) was created in 2014 by a small group of yoga leaders in Rochester, New York with the intention of sharing the practice of yoga with underserved populations in our community. In a spirit of cooperation and community engagement, RYSN provides support to, and unity among, local yoga service providers to create bridges of mutual connection and healing.

Objectives - RYSN aims to:

1) Maintain and share a database of Rochester yoga service providers identified by specialty, expertise, and/or affiliation

2) Facilitate the pairing of yoga teachers and volunteers with individuals and groups in need of yoga service

3) Provide a forum for RYSN members to share best program practices in addition to facilitating and hosting yoga training and professional development for Network members

Friday, July 24, 2015

Help Needed - Teaching Opportunity This Summer!

One of our friends and community members, Jim Thompson, needs some help this summer.  Please read on below regarding the four classes that he needs help with.  You can contact Jim directly if you are interested and able!  Thank you for considering! ~ RYSN

I ask the group for some help with teaching four classes of mine when I am out of town.  The classes are on Tuesday, July 28; Wednesday, July 29; Wednesday August 12 and Tuesday August 18.
I teach them at the Baobab Cultural Center at 728 University Ave. The Baobab celebrates people of the African diaspora, and its small square footage is filled with art works, African artifacts, and the echoes of numerous Afrikan history classes, cultural conversations, jazz sessions …and more.
We have a small area where yoga is taught twice a week. I’m the only teacher. The Tuesday class usually has about 4 people; the Wednesday class has 3, but classes are open. Over time, most of our practicers have been African American. It is a comfortable place for us to practice, as African Americans. But you don’t have to be African American to teach the class, and I know that the RYSN group  is looking to end exclusion in all areas, so I felt you were good folks to ask.
The teaching is semi-voluntary, as I am paid only half of the class fee, which is amounts to $5 for each student. But it has been a labor of love and joy for me.  The group currently is all women. They are generally middle aged and up. The classes are more or less Iyengar based, but that’s not a deal-breaker. Most of the women have some arthritic limitations, etc., that come with aging, but they have warm and powerful spirits. The Tuesday class is a level 1-2, with the beginnings of inversions.  The Wednesday class is very gentle yoga, where we use a lot of props…Unfortunately, one prop we don’t have is a wall, because of all the art work! We have learned to improvise. The Wednesday women are larger bodied students. I will be happy to give details of how the classes go by phone or e-mail. 
I apologize for the short notice. A couple other teachers whom I asked couldn’t do it. 
If you think you may be able to help us with this, please call by this Friday (July 24) for the July dates. I’ll be away on a retreat from Saturday July 25 to Saturday August 1, and won’t have access to phone or e-mail. 
For the August dates, I can be contacted from August 1 to 3.
My cell phone # is (585) 703-7739. My e-mail is   jimthomp@rochester.rr.com
Thank you for considering this. 
Jim Thompson

Monday, July 6, 2015

Great Read!

Good Morning, RYSN Friends!

Lynne found a great article online that is directly in line with our mission, so we wanted to share with all of you.

6 Ways to End Exclusion in Yoga